Saturday, 31 October 2015

Initial Ideas:

Idea 1:

After completing the bridal hair challenge, I found that I really loved the visual given off by a waterfall braid and decided that I wanted to use this within my final hair design. I think it’s really modern, fashionable and because of this I was eager to include this in a hairstyle combined with Elizabethan aspects. Another aspect I wanted to include in my final design was crimped hair as I think it looks extremely Elizabethan and I adore the texture, frizz and volume that it ads to any hair. Every time I’ve used crimped hair I have loved the outcome that it had produced and I knew from the beginning that this is something that I would like to use. I was particularly inspired to use this in my final design when I found images online of the Oscar De La Renta 2012 S/S catwalk in which many of his models had frizzed hair and I thought that it looked beautiful a long side his work. After picking my two favourite aspects of styling I hair I then put them together into one design. 

I decided on having the a middle parting, almost slicked down and really straight until the tops of my ears, when a waterfall braid would section this slicked down modern look from the frizz that I wanted from the bottom of the waterfall braid down to the ends of the hair. I then wanted this crimp to be brushed out and backcombed in areas so that it really stood out against the slicked down top half of the hair and separating braid. I also wanted either a broach or necklace at the middle of my hair at the back where the braids would meet, to cover the meeting and joining point.  All of these aspects put together are the idea for my final design and the next step is to swap ideas with my partner and start testing out each other’s designs. 

Idea 2:

Even though I had already decided on the hairstyle that I wished to use for my final piece I decided to have another design that I could use, in case there were problems with my original design. This is one of the other design that I created. For this hairstyle I wanted two French plaits going down from a middle parting at either side of the face. Then when it got to just the top of the ears, it would then go into a normal plait which can be wrapped around the back of the head and meet in the middle.  With the top of the hair being well backcombed yet smooth on the top so that there is plenty of volume. Then when it gets to the plait, or just above the ear, I would like that to be crimped and then brushed out slightly and backcombed again, so that there is plenty of frizz and volume.  I feel like this design is also a modern twist on old hairstyles and even though I really like this design I won’t use it for my final design as I prefer my first design by far and feel like that is the best contemporary take on an Elizabethan inspired hairstyle that I could create. 

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