Monday, 19 October 2015

Elizabethan hairstyle on a partner:

For this hairstyle I decided to crimp the front of my partner’s hair, backcomb it and then shape it using a hair rat. Then with the back of her hair I decided to create a twist bun. 

The Back

The Front and Sides


Overall I was quite impressed with how this hairstyle turned out as I have never styled anyone’s hair before, other than my own and the manikin doll. At first I was scared to bring the crimpers too close to my partners scalp and burn her, however as I got more confident with them I was able to get much closer to the root and without hurting my partner. Another aspect of this I found difficult was working with the uneven lengths of hair, as many people have layers in their hair, unlike the manikins head which is relatively even throughout. However I think as I get more used to working on with a partner it will become easier for me and I will be more comfortable with using heat and teasing their hair without hurting them. When thinking about the overall appearance of the hairstyle I was quite happy as this is my first attempt at styling a person’s hair and I feel it went quite well. I was also surprised at how quickly I managed to create this look, as it only took me an hour to create it, however I believe that this may be due to its simplicity. I hope that as I grow with confidence with styling a person’s hair that I also grow in confidence with my designs and that they possibly become more extravagant as the course continues. 

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