Sunday, 11 October 2015

Hair in Elizabethan Society

When researching Elizabethan hairstyles I have mainly found myself looking at hairstyles belonging to monarchy or those in the upper class. And further research has shown that there is a distinct difference between the looks of those in the upper class and those who were in the working class and of a poor status. The difference is clear when looking at images and paintings of those portrayed in each class, for example those in the upper class, had a lot of height and texture to their hair, either in the form of frizz or curls. Whereas the working/lower classes had little height to their heir and it may often be left natural, so wavy or loose curls.  Another difference was often the colour of hair, lower classes would be out in the sun working and their hair and bodies would be exposed to the weather, therefore their hair would be browns, blondes or greys depending on age etc. Whereas the upper classes would often get dyed a reddish colour through the use of different forms of dye such as saffron, cumin seeds and other ingredients. They would also often wear things like wigs which may have been coloured beforehand. Wearing wigs was a major indication of wealth and status as the wigs cost a lot of money. Other significant differences included the shape of their hairstyle, the upper class had huge hairstyles with plenty of height that could be shaped into things like hearts or be rounded whereas the lower classes had natural styles, often using simple plaits and buns, with little height or significant shape to them. 

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