Monday, 12 October 2015

Vogue Italia 2005 

Vogue Italia 2005
Model - Lily Cole
Photographer - Richard Burbridge

I feel like the hairstyles in these images are heavily influenced by Elizabethan hair trends for a number of reasons. In my opinion the most predominant factor is the choice of model, Lily Cole, renowned for her beautiful long red hair and pale complexion. She is the perfect choice when interpreting an Elizabethan style. Another key connection to Elizabethan style is the texture of the hair in a number of the images, it’s either curled or slightly frizzed which is iconic in relation to Elizabethan hair. Many of the women had curled hair in tight ringlets or frizzy and built up. There are a number of connections that can be drawn between the hairstyles in these photographs and Elizabethan hairstyles, it’s something I really love the hair and styling in these photos. 

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