Monday, 26 October 2015

Bridal Hairstyle Practical

When we were first given the brief I began by collecting a variety of images from Pinterest and other image sites and searched for wedding hairstyles. I found a number of hairstyles that I liked and was interested in testing out. Some fit the brief perfectly and contained curls and a plait or up do of some sort where as some only contained certain aspects of the brief.

Here are the images I worked from: 

I decided to take inspiration from a few of the images and create loose waves and have a waterfall braid coming from either side of the parting on my partner and then meeting at the back of her head. 

  • I began by sectioning my partner’s hair into small thinner sections so that it would make curling a lot easier and quicker. Starting from the bottom and making my way up through her hair. 
  • Once all of my partner’s hair had been curled with the curling iron I began with my braid.
  • To create the braid I started with two small sections from the front of her head.
  • Then I began the first step of a French plait however when going to take in the third piece of hair I picked up one small section, of a similar size to the two pieces I was already using, and then once it had been looped into the plait I let go of it. 
  • Then twisted the original two pieces in the style of a plait again and then taking another small section of hair and then dropping it again.
  • I followed this routine to the centre of my partners head and then repeated this on the other side. 
  • I gripped the ends of both plaits into place using hair grips. 

Final Outcome:


Overall I was quite impressed with this hairstyle as I haven’t previously attempted a waterfall braid on hair before and I was excited to try it out. I had difficulty using the curling iron when curling though as I am used to using a curling wand and found that I often got kinks in the hair when using the iron. This gave the hair an unusual look in my opinion however I know that when I do it again I will be sure to use my own curling wand as I amused to it and know how to work it correctly. I then tried the waterfall braid technique and found it came quite easily with the curls in the hair and the curls actually helped with the sections. I thought it looked quite good at first however when I went through to try and fix the curls it caused one side of the hair and that side of the waterfall braid to slip slightly and I feel it ruined its overall appearance. I think in future I know how I would do it differently for example I would use my own curling wand as I prefer the curled results so much more than using the irons. I would also make sure that I didn’t have to make any adjustments after the braid was complete as this ruined its overall look when I tried to adjust the curls. I would also change it by including an adornment such as flowers or jewellery to add an extra element to the style and cover the hair grips that I used to place the braids. I feel like this would complete the look and bring it all together into one complete style. In general I was quite impressed with the look and I k now that with more practice I can improve this look vastly. 

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