Sunday, 1 November 2015

Elizabeth I (1998) and Elizabeth The Golden Age (2007)

These still are taken from the films Elizabeth I and Elizabeth The Golden Age which were based on the life of Elizabeth I. The hair in the films is an amazing example of the Elizabethan ideal for beautiful hair. Many people saw their queen as a style icon and copied her look from her clothes, makeup and hair. The hair in both films is a great example of the hair as the styles all have plenty of body, texture, curls, frizz and shape to them, whether that is a rounded shape or a heart shape. The hair in both of these films also are often adorned with decorations another key feature of Elizabethan hair, and they would adorn it with things like pearls, hats, crowns or jewels. The hair stylists in these films recreated really beautiful Elizabethan hairstyles.  

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