Monday, 26 October 2015

Inspiration for my hair design:

I find that looking at images online often helps me come up with my own ideas and I went to my favourite website and app Pinterest and found lots of inspiration. There were variations of other people’s ideas and interpretations of Elizabethan hairstyles and many of them have helped me to form some of my own ideas. For example I find that the images where they have used lots of frizzy hair are my favourites and I love that look. In my opinion it comes across as a fantasy hairstyle and is quite dreamy and is something that id quite like to re-create myself. I also love the looks in which they have used intricate plaits and multiple braids however I’m not sure how I could change these so that they look more contemporary and less traditional. I feel that using this and creating a mood board of images has been really useful in inspiring me and has definitely given me some ideas that I’d like to try and figure out whether they work and how they may look together. 

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