Sunday, 29 November 2015

Project Evaluation

Overall I have found this project both challenging at times yet also really rewarding. To begin with I was quite unsure how and where I felt this project was going however the more research I collected and tasks we completed the easier I found it to create and envision new ideas about where I felt the project was going. In my opinion the turning point in my process of collecting ideas came about when I began researching modern hairstyles with Elizabethan features and I came across catwalk collections from a variety of designers and their models appeared to have hairstyles that were heavily inspired by Elizabethan styles. When finding these it allowed me to think of how I would interpret Elizabethan hairstyles and another important part in the progression of my ideas came when we began looking at bridal hairstyles and I came across the waterfall braid. I thought this specific style of braid was beautiful and loved how simple it was to create such a beautiful piece in someone’s hair. The combination of these two factors allowed me to develop and produce a variety of ideas that eventually turned into my final idea that I wanted to use for my outcome. Once I had done this it was time to swap ideas with my partner and begin our practice, it was really nice being assigned a partner as she was someone I hadn’t really spoken to before but we found that we got on really well and really well together. At first we both found each other’s designs quite difficult however the more we practiced the easier we found it. I think my partner execute my design really well and even though I would have liked it slightly differently I still believe she did an amazing job. Even though I had done plenty of practice and tried my best I was quite unhappy with how I executed my partners design, as I know I could’ve done better as it had done during some of our practices. I feel that I may have put myself under too much pressure on the day and that if I had relaxed it may have gone better. However I know for next time what I would do differently and how I can improve. All in all I have loved the challenging aspects of this project and found it really interesting to look at some of the historical aspects of hairstyles and how it has influenced modern fashion trends. 

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