Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Practice of my partners design:

Due to the difficulty of the roses in my partners design I felt that I needed to practice it a few times to ensure that I can recreate it successfully and that it looks as good as possible. I found the most effective way of creating the roses was to use the method of using two separate pieces of hair, hairspray and straighteners, then twisting the strands into place and again setting it with more hairspray and leaving the pins in until it has gone stiff. Here are the results of my practice. 

So far this has been my most successful practice and I feel as though this is the best the roses have looked out of all of my practices. I feel like I have finally come to grips with this part of the design and the rest will hopefully fall into place, as I feel most confident with the crimping and styling off the rest of it. I hope that during the assessment practical it goes as well as it has during my practices and that I can create a successful and complete hairstyle to the standard my partner wishes for it to be. 

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