Sunday, 1 November 2015

Corrie Nielsen Autumn/Winter 2011

The style of hair presented on the catwalk greatly reminds me of the hair that was worn throughout the Elizabethan ere, ranging from the styles of the upper-class and monarchy to the lower/working classes. The braided and tightly curled up-dos remind me a lot of the styles worn by the working class in Elizabethan times, not much height or texture however beautiful detail in the braiding and tight curls that have been delicately placed in an up-do. Whereas the more extravagant styles strongly remind me of the hairstyles of the upper-classes and monarchy, very frizzy, wild and some of the shapes slightly resemble a heart shape, a key feature in the style of Elizabethan hairstyles. I love how the styles are all different, yet very feminine and beautiful. 

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