Friday, 27 November 2015

Final Images and Evaluation - My Partner's Design and My Assessment

In general I found this creating and executing my partners design a lot more difficult than I had first anticipated. Her design was really beautiful and we both knew from the beginning that there was one aspect of her design that I would find really difficult to replicate, this was the roses that she wanted around her hairline. From our first practice session together we began trying out different ways to make these roses, using google and asking Lottie for her help and advice, Lottie’s advice was the best and most helpful and her process of making the roses is the one we chose to use and move forward with. The process involved taking two even segments of hair and coating them completely in hairspray, waiting for it to dry slightly and then slowly teasing a pair of straighteners over the two segments individually. This made the two segments extremely hard and stiff, yet I was still able to shape them into the shapes that I wanted. I rolled one up in a spiral shape and gripped these into place and then wrapped the other side in the opposite direction to the spiral and then gripped this firmly into place and set it using a lot of hairspray. Repeating this all along the hairline for each rose. During my practices I seemed to get better at this and found the outcome was better each time, however during the assessment for some reason I found it really difficult and struggles greatly in creating the roses. I think it may have been due to stress and worry, as I was rather stressed about this assessment piece. After spending a lot longer than I intended on the roses I decided it would be best if I left them to set and came back to them closer to the end, to make any finishing touches and hopefully fix them slightly. I then moved onto crimping my partner’s hair. In her design she wished for her hair to be really smooth from the roots until the top of her ears, where she wished for the crimping to start. I found the crimping part of this design really easy as I just needed to section the hair and crimp each segment. I was quite happy with the way I crimped her hair and how I managed to get the line going around her head quite even, I feel that this was the part I was proudest of. Overall I was left quite unimpressed with myself and the outcome I had created, as I knew I could do better and had done in my practices. Even though I knew I could do better and it wasn’t the best representative of my work, I felt the photographs didn’t come out too badly and I was pleased with hoe it looked on the images. I know that if I were to do this again I would try and not be as stressed, which may not be easy, however if I had been more relaxed I know it could’ve gone much better and I would’ve been happier with my outcome. 

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