Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Practicing my partners design

Practice One:

My partner designed her final look to have a sort of crown of roses made from her hair, going around the front of her head and for this to follow her hairline down to her ears. She then wanted the rest of her hair crimped, from the top of her ears to bellow and for this line to follow around her head and for the hair at the top of her head to be almost slicked down. She then said that she would like to add an adornment to her hair, where the crimp meets the slicked down hair and that this will be the divider between the two sections of hair. 

I found this hairstyle really challenging at first and it took a long time for me to get to grips with how to do the roses. I have never previously done anything like this before and it was really difficult, however after looking online for different tutorials on how to create these roses I gave it a go. We attempted many different techniques with many not working however towards the end we found a technique that worked particularly well. For the technique that worked, I needed two sections of hair and for them to be of an even size, then spraying one section with hairspray and coating it. I then took straighteners and heated this section and then eventually straightening it properly, causing it to be stiff. I repeated this with the other section. I then took one of the sections and twisted it around, causing it to spiral. Then I rolled it up and pinned it into place using hair grips. Then I took the other section and wrapped it around the looped piece of hair and pinning this in place again. After repeating this and creating a few roses, we decided that these looked the best and that we would use this method again. After spending a long time on the roses, we decided to try the crimping. As I have done a lot of crimping before I found this straight forward and easy. To complete the hairstyle we decided to quickly pin some pieces of hair, even though we wouldn’t do this in the final design, it was merely done as a test to see how it would look when replaced with adornments such as jewellery. 

I need to practice creating the roses as this is the only thing I drastically struggled with, however now that we have found a technique that works I can use this and practice it myself and hopefully get to a good enough standard for the final assessment. 

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