Friday, 20 November 2015

Final Images - My Design and My Partner's Assessment

Overall I was extremely happy with how my final design came out and was so happy with well my partner executed it, as I thought she did an amazing job. I feel like the finished look of the hairstyle turned out just as well as I had hoped and looks really beautiful when photographed. Even though I thought it was beautifully executed there were a few small changes that I thought could have been made or minor faults with how my partner executed the look. For example, the crimp was meant to go along the line of the braid however my partner didn’t manage to get it low enough down and some of the crimp went too far up and could be seen above the braid right at the very back. I feel as though this is the only major fault I had with the execution of my design and even my partner felt the same way. Other than that there was a minor change I might have made and that would’ve been to make the waterfall braid a bit larger and perhaps more defined. However I don’t think it was a major fault and I was still extremely happy with how well my partner handled the waterfall braid, as I know she found it quite difficult at first but the more she practiced the better she became and I couldn’t fault her resilience in trying to execute it to the standard that she did. Therefore I was extremely pleased with my designs outcome and my partner’s extreme hard work and determination as I feel she executed my design beautifully. 

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